[GRASS-dev] splitting up the addons wiki page

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 03:04:14 EDT 2011


the addons wiki page is getting really long, too long.
a victim of its own success!

any objection to splitting it up into individual

sub-pages, and keeping the front page as table of contents?

 figure a way to create a dynamic table containing the section
 headers (ie module names) from the sub-pages on the front page.
 (perhaps make the table 5-7 columns wide, sort alphabetically
 by row or column?

 figure a way to adjust the {{AddonCmd}} macro to point to the
 correct place after the change. if the above wish is filled,
 this might be done by linking to the row in the table for the
 command on the main page. or maybe adjusting the macro to point
 to the sub-page is easier than creating the dynamic table?

ideas? comments? solutions?


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