[GRASS-dev] Principle G3D library question

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 03:58:08 EDT 2011


   while (fgetc(fp) != '\n');

probably it should use G_getl2(), which also accepts DOS and MacOS9 newlines?

> version:
> order:

once formally decided, we should modify the 6.x versions to deal with the
extra header instructions, and continue on (with a message?) if it matches
grass6's format, otherwise fatal_error out with a reasonable error message.

ASCII is an acronym of a named entity, and should remain uppercased.

> Note that unit tests for r3.in.ascii are implemented in the 
> <em>test.r3.out.ascii.sh</em> script located in the r3.out.ascii directory. 

if many/most modules will eventually get test scripts, is it worth
mentioning that in the help page? maybe <!-- commented out --> so only
developers see it?

I think is it enough to describe in the grass7 help page how
to make a grass6-compatible G3D output file, probably with an
example. A flag for that could be overkill.

btw, I believe the "AV" responsible for parts of the G3D code is Alfonso Vitti.


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