[GRASS-dev] RE: Compiling WINGrass

Johannes Radinger jradinger at gmx.at
Wed Nov 16 03:53:21 EST 2011


as the initial question about compiling WINGrass came from me
I'd like to add some information.

I got following error message when running make in msys in the
python directory (I had to do this because I got an error in this
directory during compilation):

>> Johannes Radinger at JOHANNES /osgeo4w/usr/src/grass-6.5.svn/lib/python
>> $ make
>> make: *** No rule to make target `|', needed by
>> `/osgeo4w/usr/src/grass-6.5.svn                                          
>> /dist.i686-pc-mingw32/etc/python/grass/script/core.py'.  Stop.

Now you were discussing about the version of GNU make which is necessary
(3.81 or <3.81) etc. Here I get a little bit confused because I checked
the version of make which is coming with msys via the osgeo4w installer.

The msys version I have got is 1.0.11-3.
Here (http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=46827 ) it says that msys version 1.0.11 already comes with GNU make 3.81. So I am a little confused why I get the error?
I don't now how I can check which version of make is really used in my case.

Some more information about my system:
Windows 7, with two python folders (c:/Python27, c:/Python26) where python 2.7 is the main python
and 2.6 is only for arcgis.

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