[GRASS-dev] wxGUI: new packages layout

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 09:15:40 EST 2011


2011/11/10 Michael Barton <michael.barton at asu.edu>:
> I think this is a good idea. The only thing is that the proposed directory structure seems a bit over-complicated. To actually make a change, fix a bug, or add a new feature, it is necessary to alter code in several different modules because of the complex links across different python modules. From the point of view of navigating this to access different modules, perhaps the number of subdirectories could be reduced somewhat to make this easier.

I have started wxGUI code reorganization [1] in r49347. It introduced
several new GUI packages

    `core` for core non-GUI classes (gcmd, debug, etc.)
    `gui_core` for core GUI classes (goutput, prompt, menuform, etc)

main wxGUI components:
    `lmgr` for Layer Manager
    `mapdisp` for Map Display

other components:
    `vdigit` for Vector Digitizer
    `gcp` for Georectifier
    `nviz` for 3D view (wxNviz)
    `gmodeler` for Graphical Modeler
    `psmap` for Cartographic Composer

Please feel free to comment the new layout. It took almost one day to
reorganize classes to the new modules/packages. I am expecting some
bugs (mainly wrongly imported modules), I hope that code will be
stabilized within few days. Please note, that `make distclean` is

Happy testing;-) Martin

[1] http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/wxGUIDevelopment#ChangingGUImodulesdirectorylayout

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