[GRASS-dev] wxnviz in 65, some clarification

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Sun Nov 27 00:00:21 EST 2011

> Anna,
> thank you for backporting wxnviz, I just compiled it and it runs great, even with some highly specialized data
> (e.g. terrestrial lidar scans at 0.01m resolution).
> There are few things that still have issues (mostly features that never really worked in nviz and may be only Mac related)
> General
> - when I go from 3D view to 2D and then back to 3D I lose most of my settings
> (viewing position, zexag, fringe size etc. - this would be OK if I could get a warning and question
> whether I want to save my 3D viewing state before switching)
> - similarly, when I add volume to Map layers I lose my view settings and the 3D view goes back to default

I think I found at least part of the problem - I tried saving my settings to m.nviz.image and the command saved zexag=0 although mine is set to 0.3,
I got 2 when I set it to 2.3. Looking at the gxw file it is also saved z-exag as integer 0. Changing it to FP should fix it.
>  <z-exag>
>                     <value>0</value>
>                     <min>0</min>
>                     <max>10</max>
>                     <original>1</original>
>                 </z-exag>

> Volumes:
> - change of region by g.region seems to be ignored (or I missed something), I had to restart GRASS with the new region
> to get the 3D region for volumes right. Given that the default top, botom is 1,0, if GRASS
> starts with the default 3D region settings volumes do not work because there is just one level.
> - isosurfaces work with my terrestrial lidar data but the slices don't, it seems that it is due 
> my resolution being 0.3m, when I change it to 1m I get at least some limited slicing

I am pretty sure it is the resolution - perhaps integers cutting 0.3 to 0 somewhere. Here is my slice 
when my res3 is set to 1 - it works perfectly and the new controls are much easier to use
when I set my res3 to higher resolution, the slices do not show up. 
the image is eroding stream bank, so that is why the surface is vertical.


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