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Thu Apr 12 06:35:33 EDT 2012


WMS-c or WMTS would be possible to implement into  

After finishing standard wms support implementation  for GRASS and SAGA I  
will take a deeper look at it. 


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Předmět: Re: [GRASS-dev] Applying for write access to the Addons-SVN 
"A pretty good news in fact.
Stepan, do you plan to cope with cached services (WMS-c) ?
I mean, here in France IGN provides a WMS which is quite uneasy to
request, fails. One can have a look here :

For my personal purpose I wrote a bash routine (not much portable as is)
to retrieve orthoimagery tiles the right way using the current region
settings. As wms-c is not considered a standard ogc protocol, it may not
be worth trying to integrate multiple constraints to the module, what's
more they probably* vary from one provider to another (tile sizes,
available resolutions, point of origin, and so on) ; perhaps a wiki
HowTo in this case would already be helpful for french users ?



*don't really know, I'm not a web mapping specialist

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