[GRASS-dev] saving images from display in winGRASS6.4.2

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 22 11:13:50 PDT 2012

in the current stable release I am getting the the following error
when trying to save the image from the display. We did not have the
problem in 6.4.1 and I am wondering whether it is fixed in 6.4.3,

thanks Helena

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\GRASS
6.4.2\etc\wxpython\gui_modules\mapdisp.py", line 1159, in

width, height)
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\GRASS
6.4.2\etc\wxpython\gui_modules\mapdisp_window.py", line 575,
in SaveToFile

dc = wx.BufferedPaintDC(self, ibuffer)
  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\GRASS 6.4.2\Python27\lib
\site-packages\wx-2.8-msw-unicode\wx\_gdi.py", line 4990, in

C(*args, **kwargs))
C++ assertion "wxAssertFailure" failed at
..\..\src\msw\dcclient.cpp(219) in wxPaintDC::wxPaintDC():
wxPaintDC may be created only in EVT_PAINT handler!

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Martin Landa <landa.martin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2012/8/22 Sören Gebbert <soerengebbert at googlemail.com>:
>>> just check new features implemented in grass7 and you will find out
>>> who from developers is focused on grass7. If _we_ would be really be
>> I have a clear focus on grass7 and do not backport any new features or
> [...]
> I didn't what to note any names. I am sure that everyone is doing his
> best. It's free software ;-) Yeap, Soeren is one of the most active
> grass7 devs :-)
> Martin
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