[GRASS-dev] Copyright and license issue

Jarek Jasiewicz jarek.jasiewicz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 19:50:15 EST 2012

On 01/14/2012 07:23 PM, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Jarek Jasiewicz wrote:
>> I have a question about putting into add-on repository the code
>> containing completly new terrain analysis system.
>> Code will be on classic GPL license, however I would like to TEMPORARILY
>> restrict the name of module, scientific idea (completely new) and
>> permission to code modification. It means that everybody can use,
>> analyze, rewrite it for own purpose etc, however if someone would like
>> to modify original source code in repository should have our permission
>> (for some time).
>> This is because the code and entire idea is strongly under development,
>> however we were asked to publish it for geomorphological community (also
>> for submitted paper)
>> I think that it probably will never happen that someone would like to
>> modify it (except of course bugs), however I would like to keep control
>> on code integrity for scientific discussion as long as it won't be
>> finished as an idea.
> The whole point of a revision-control repository is to facilitate
> making modifications to the code.
> Whoever controls the GRASS repository can control who can commit to a
> specific directory, but this is involves more work than implementing
> repository-wide controls.
> In terms of licensing, the GPL grants each recipient permission to
> make modifications and to distribute modified versions, provided that
> they indicate that the code has been modified.
> As the GRASS libraries use the GPL (not LGPL), any module which uses
> them must also be licensed under the GPL if it is to be redistributed
> in binary form.
Ok, it explains everything. So if I want to publish code with any GPL 
privileges granded, but keep code integrity in one official place which 
I can put in paper as link to OFFICIAL source code, with guarantee that 
it won't be accidentaly changed, I must put it outside GRASS repository? 

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