[GRASS-dev] Copyright and license issue

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 14 22:23:48 EST 2012

Jarek wrote:
> Ok, it explains everything. So if I want to publish code with any GPL 
> privileges granded, but keep code integrity in one official place which 
> I can put in paper as link to OFFICIAL source code, with guarantee that 
> it won't be accidentaly changed, I must put it outside GRASS repository? 
> Right?

is the intention simply to be able to provide a link to the exact version
of the code you are writing about? or is it to retain personal control
during the development phase?

if you simply need to be able to provide a link to the exact version you
are writing about that's easy, just add "?p=" to the end of the websvn URL
or "?rev=" to the end of the trac URL. e.g.:


if you want to delay releasing under the GPL until you have your article
published, then you would have to wait to put it in the grass addons repo
too, which is open to GPL-compatible code only. (as per rfc2)


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