[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6.4.2RC3 : Launch script

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 00:00:19 EST 2012

Helena wrote:
> further testing:
> when I try Launch script,
> I get the associated wxgui open, the command is correctly
> generated but when I hit run I get the following error:
> Launching script
> '/Users/helena/grassaddons_test/scripts/v.transectsold.py'... 
> [Errno 2] No such file or directory
> the path in the error message is the correct path, but it
> looks like it is not being launched from there.

is /Users/helena/grassaddons_test/scripts in the $PATH ?
for scripts using g.parser it must be.

> It is possible that I don't have GRASS6.4.2 installed as
> expected, 
> Michael,  does r.landevol.py launch correctly through
> wxGUI for you?
> Also g.extension does not quite work for me but it may be similar
> problem  (it installs the add-on correctly but gets error when I
> try to run it).

v.transects.py doesn't install correctly for me on linux either using
g.extension.sh, but I didn't really expect it to since it's a python
script not a shell script, and AFAIK GRASS 6's Make/Script.make (used
by v.transects.py's Makefile) is expecting to see a bourne shell script.
Certainly the DOS build's .bat file will be wrong. Maybe we need a
special Make/PythonScript.make for python scripts in grass6?

Could you try using g.extension to install both a shell script and a C
module? Both from the (Terminal) command line (g.extension.sh) and the
wxGUI tool (g.extension.py) methods?
e.g. 2 shell scripts: r.surf.volcano and v.points.cog
     2 C modules:     r.fuzzy and d.barb

hopefully those work, but see also  "g.extension does not work on a Mac"

since so much has changed since then I think we need to have the
Mac extension build+install re-tested as if it were new.


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