[GRASS-dev] possible bug - more coordination needed

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 23:00:14 EST 2012

> > my thinking was that many grass devs probably can not keep up with the
> > qgis-dev mailing list traffic, and many qgis devs probably can not keep
> > up with the grass-dev ML traffic. so if there was a low volume ML for
> > interested parties from both dev teams it would be easier to keep up
> > to date.

Paolo wrote:
> My fear, on the other side, is that nobody will realy
> subscribe to this one. I would do, who else?

well, at least I would.

> > command line interfaces should not have changed at all since GRASS 6.0.0
> > it is hard to predict unintended consequences, but we do our best..
> It should not be too difficult: we need to know if the
> syntax of a command (as it happened e.g. for v.buffer),

in that case when we switched out the modules we didn't fully realize
it was missing either until it was too late. IIRC it was "just" a debug
option that was removed?  if we had noticed it in time the option would
have become a no-op which just produced a warning or error message.
(e.g. see 'r.sun lat=')
bugs happen...


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