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#1600: band skip or specify multiple bands in r.in.gdal
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 In working with NetCDF files, I realize that it is important to be able to
 skip bands in order to import a coherent data set (e.g., import bands
 1,5,9,13.17...). This is especially important when importing times series
 for the new temporal GIS format in GRASS 7.

 There are a couple ways to do this. Assuming that there is a constant band
 interval (e.g., every 12 bands to import climate data for July for 100
 years) a skip argument could be implemented (skip=12 to import every 12th

 For more control but more work, extending the band= argument to accept a
 comma separate list could achieve the same result albeit with more typing
 or cut and past (e.g., bands=1,13,25,37,49,...).

 Both methods could be implemented, but the bands= list should probably
 override the skip= argument in that case.

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