[GRASS-dev] segfault on 'r.stream.extract' - debian armh

epi massimodisasha at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 10:06:46 PST 2013


i’m trying to run  “r.stream.extract” on a little linux machine, i got got grass up and running on a small quad-core Arm 1gb ram
OS :  Debian SID ArmHF.

the command i’m using is :

r.stream.extract elevation=elevation at PERMANENT accumulation=accum threshold=40 stream_rast=stream_network stream_vect=streams --o --q

location :  nc_spm_08_grass7/PERMANENT/

i set the debug level to 5, this the segfault log :


if helpful, this is the log of make clean and make :


On other platform (same grass and r.stream.extract version it wks just fine)
Have you any idea on what’s wrong ?


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