[GRASS-dev] An export order of layers/patch raster layers function for g.gui.mapswipe

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Dec 18 16:33:43 PST 2013

Dear all, apologies for silence (I have to answer to a couple of threads in 
grass-dev) but I am overloaded.  This is however a quick idea that crossed my 
mind a few seconds before as I am working with the newest g.gui.mapswipe tool:

(Anna & Vaclav) wouldn't it be useful to have some sort of export of the 
(raster) layers loaded in the Advanced mode (order matters!) to feed with the 
r.patch module?  Or directly a "Patch" function (interfacing the r.patch 

Say, I have, in one of the panes (left or right, doesn't matter), from bottom 
to top a generic Vegetation map (including let's say high and low vegetation), 
a Water Map and on top a High Vegetation map (derived from another source) and 
I want to patch these maps: 1st the High Vegetation map, the Water, then 
whatever is NULL fill with data from the generic Vegetation map. Just a random 
examlpe to make a point.

Makes sense?

Thank you, Nikos

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