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#2005: v.db.addtable and postgres schema problem
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 Hi all!
 I'm using GRASS GIS 6.4 with a postgres database connection to a non-
 default schema. Most of tools are fine with it, but `v.db.connect` has a
 wired behavior:

 When I run v.db.addtable on a map obtained with v.dissolve (thus without
 attribute tables set), it gives a big output (attached) among wich some
 "no such table" message from postgres.

 After the call, the database table is created in the right schema (the one
 defined with db.connect), but the database connection is NOT schema-
 # v.db.connect -p map=path_30_2__999_poly
 Vector map <path_30_2__999_poly at pinzolo> is connected by:
 layer <1> table <path_30_2__999_poly> in database
 <host=localhost,port=5432,dbname=thesis> through driver <pg> with key

 In fact, at subsequent usage of that table, postgres complains that the
 requested table (searched in public schema) does not exist.

 As a workaround, I used `v.db.addtable` with


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