[GRASS-dev] Proj4 string not shown in loc wiz when creating new location from file

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 18 22:41:29 PDT 2013

> hmmm, I tested that a couple weeks ago and it was working, but now it 

> doesn't work for me

nope, there is only code for generating the +proj4 terms in the Summary page
for epsg and custom +proj terms (incl. defined from the table).
 (location_wizard.py line ~ 1659)

from geofile, wkt, and xy you get nothing for the summary.

I'm adding that now, but since it's just cosmetic and needs weeks of testing
I would not delay 6.4.3 for it. The more important side of that (which is
the main bit that needs testing) is detecting if it should ask you to set
datum transform terms.


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