[GRASS-dev] Problem deleting raster created from point file using v.to.rast

SWAPAN GHOSH swap.ghsh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 00:11:01 PST 2013

*Dear all,*

I am using the command like-

v.to.rast --overwrite input=Temp_Aug_86 at PERMANENT type=point
output=Rast_Temp_Aug_86 column=Rain14

Rast_Temp_Aug_86 at PERMANENT is created successfully.

But when I want to delete this raster using command like-

g.remove rast=Rast_Temp_Aug_86 at PERMANENT

Then I get an error like below-

*Removing raster <Rast_Temp_Aug_86 at PERMANENT>
fcell: couldn't be removed*

I am also trying this by running " g.remove -f
rast=Rast_Temp_Aug_86 at PERMANENT " but same problem arises.

Please give me some solution to recover this problem.

*Thanks & Regards,

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