[GRASS-dev] Using "trac" is difficult

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Mar 20 13:54:47 PDT 2013

Vaclav Petras wrote:

I didn't read the whole post of yours -- will do.  Thank you for your energy 
spent/invested Vaclav.

> It is bad that you need to know Mediawiki syntax and Trac Wiki or ReST
> syntax to contribute to GRASS. Even worse that for manual pages you
> need to know some basic HTML and for programming manual Doxygen
> syntax. Currently, I don't see any way to avoid it.

I have the feeeling it is eating-up energy, most importantly time from all of 
you devs.  Why don't we (the community I mean) moves in using a nice, all-in-
one (except for the tickets which is under the osgeo umbrella) and *beautiful* 
system like the stackexchange fora :-p -- Just kidding...

(To-myself: I wonder why I didn't complain in the past about trac -- I 
remember creating several tickets. :-?)

Anyway, it's the way it is currently.  Sorry for the noise folks.

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