[GRASS-dev] Quiet module output

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Wed Mar 20 14:01:32 PDT 2013

On Wednesday 20 of March 2013 15:00:23 Johannes Radinger wrote:
> Hi,
> I just wanted to ask how the "quiet"-flag is defined. I mean, what
> will be still reported to the screen (console)? How is it with
> self-written e.g. add-ons
> in python. If "quiet" is set are all grass output messages
> automatically suppressed?
> What about the status report of counting percentages (0%...100%) in general?
> If I remember correctly they are not suppressed in r.cost. That is slightly
> annoying when running such modules in loops and the screen gets completely
> covered with 100%s...


you do know the related environment variables



Check <http://grass.osgeo.org/grass64/manuals/variables.html>.  Especially for 
the "VERBOSE" one, the manual states:

"This variable is automatically created by g.parser so that the --verbose or 
--quiet flags will be inherited by dependent modules as the script runs."

Best, Nikos
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