[GRASS-dev] Georeferencing

Dr Colin Hindmarch colinhindmarch at talktalk.net
Sat May 11 03:14:29 PDT 2013

I have been trying to upload and georectify a rasta (*.PNG) file.  I create a simple xy location and in that location, upload the rasta using ‘r.in.gdal ‘; but later on when I begin to process the data, get the message:
  “(Sat May 11 10:42:35 2013)                                                      
  r.colors map=NP_source at PERMANENT color=grey                                     
  ERROR: Raster map <NP_source at PERMANENT> not found
  (Sat May 11 10:42:35 2013) Command finished (0 sec)”
This problem seems to prevent the process moving to the two-screen georectifying stage.   Any suggestions/recommendations?

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