[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6.4.3 release planning

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 18 04:33:39 PDT 2013

time for the weekend update,

Hamish wrote:
> fwiw, my to-fix list is now shorter, the main thing remaining
> IMO is to get the location wizard working correctly with proj
> 4.8.0. (the datum transform opts were getting reset to the new
> proj4 defaults regardless of what you selected) There are so many
> combinations and permutations that every change means many things
> to re-test and verify, e.g. I haven't even tested from a file or
> .prj,.wkt at all yet, and that it doesn't break for older proj4s.

(i.e. test the new changes don't break was working with proj 4.7.0)

> --please everyone help test, bad new location def'ns mean
> all the work that happens after is also broken--

changes now ported to all branches.

> > > here's my wish list of things to get done before 6.4.3-final-


#1849: g.proj datum transforms broken for epsg and proj4 terms
  (g.proj needed -t flag (as a hack-around) for datum transforms)
#1967: wxPy loc'n wiz: doesn't allow ellipsoid without datum
 --both now in svn, please help test the local projections you know.
   You need to check the final result, not just the wizard Summary.
   If the location setup terms are bad from offset, we break people's
   data silently, ... ouch, first impression of the software too in
   case it tracebacks.

#1428: still some missing some dlls (were in earlier pkges)
 --needs Dependency Walker testers to experiement on diff't Windows
   versions, with the %PATH% fully set drag dlls from extralibs/+
   onto depends.exe and look for big red "X"s. -> msvcr{80,90}.dll
   another important due to first impressions issue.
   what controls which dlls are packaged in extralib/?

#1971: r.in.bin: fix LFS support in G_ftell() (Martin: comments?)

#943: cairo rendering fixes
 --Prefences > rendering mode > cairo in grass 6.x doesn't work!!


#1952: package 'more.exe' with msys (pager for g.list)
        (also +tac.exe +seq.exe +xml2.exe and maybe +wget.exe)
 --what controls what unix powertools are packaged in extrabin/?

#1936a: Move "Click here to show search module engine" to "Search module"
        tab, freeing up valuable screen real estate for the output text
        window & making the gui tab-to-be-in more logical.
 --discussion and wxGUI authors buy-in needed

#854: building addons on Mac (assume we can handle post-release in pkg'ing)
 --what's the situation?

#: go through changelog for "new and fix" bullet points, add to trac wiki page
#: write the 6.4.3 release announcement and press release

see also
> all grass 6 bugs:  https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/report/16
> all wingrass bugs: https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/report/14
> all wxgui bugs:    https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/report/15

thanks & not far to go now,

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