[GRASS-dev] grass compile error on launchpad

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 27 01:11:01 PDT 2013

Štěpán wrote:

> Yesterday I tried to erase all compiler warning which gcc showed me. But I am 
> not sure if I have correct setting of compiler to show me all warnings. Could 
> you give me some advice with this?

it's not so bad actually, after a svn up and 'make distclean' only one minor one remains from gcc 4.4.5 using
CFLAGS="-g -march=native -Wall -Werror-implicit-function-declaration -fno-common -Wextra -Wunused"

iscatt_core.c: In function 'compute_scatts_from_chunk_row':
iscatt_core.c:454: warning: unused parameter 'region'


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