[GRASS-dev] Some minor TGIS issues in GRASS 7.1

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Thu Aug 14 14:48:05 PDT 2014


I just tried some new TGIS features in GRASS 7.1 and came across some minor issues:

In t.rast.aggregate:
Sampling option "during" seems to have stopped working, a command with "during" which worked in 7.0, does not work in 7.1 (means it finishes with 100% but gives no output). Maybe it is expected behavior that "during" sampling, gives no result when dayly temperature is aggregated to month, however I used "during" operator for sampling inspired by the manual... This command works btw with "contains" sampling.

Furthermore, t.rast.aggregate is not able to read maps from other mapsets if these mapsets are not added to the search path with g.mapset, even if the input timeseries is specified with it`s mapset name and the (raster)maps are located in the same mapset..

In t.unregister: 
The maps parameter is limited to ca. 5000 maps. With 6000 maps I got an "Argument list to long" error. For longer timeseries output from t.rast.list should be stored to a file and not piped to the maps parameter. May be worth mentioning it in the manual once it is written?

Sorry for neither beeing able to make some more comprehensive tests nor to come up with proposals for solutions.

Worth opeing a ticket for one or more of these issues?

All the best,

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