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On Aug 27, 2014 12:12 AM, "Alessandro Samuel Rosa" <
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> Dear GRASS GIS developers,
> I am planning to use v.perturb to run a spatial simulated annealing
exercise. Two drawbacks with v.perturb exist. First, "output vector points
are not guaranteed to be contained within the current geographic region".

The command v.random got recently improved to optionally constrain points
being generated to a restricted area. Not sure if this method could be
implemented here as well.
Did you test how far outside points may fall?

> Second, all vector points are perturbed together.

Here a "where" statement would help, to be implemented...


> Is it very difficult to solve this issues?
> Another option for perturbation would be v.edit, but in that case the
direction and distance are not random.
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