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Fri Jul 4 12:15:55 PDT 2014

Hi Stefan,

2014-07-03 18:22 GMT+02:00 Blumentrath, Stefan <Stefan.Blumentrath na nina.no>:

>  Hei Madi,
> Thanks for your clarification.
> Very interesting! I see I have to take a closer look on pycsw and it`s
> front-ends (as a possible alternative to GeoNetwork).
> The pycsw documentation [1] says that also pycsw Metadata repositories are
> set up with a database backend (SQLite, PostgreSQL, and even PostGIS
> support). However, integration with data portal solutions like e.g. GeoNode
> or Open Data Catalogue is unfortunately “read-only” meaning that meta-data
> can be only queried [2].
> Would be nice if metadata from GRASS could somehow go directly into a
> geodata portal (and that the other way around e.g. people, keywords … could
> be fetched from there)…  (BTW, in the proprietary world such a
> functionality requires yet another extension:
> https://www.geocat.net/bridge/)
> For organization with a geodata portal solution it is maybe possible to
> just sync pycsw`s DB with a DB from e.g. GeoNode or so, if one wants to
> have that consistent…
> If you allow me two more questions in this regard:
> Will pycsw become a dependency for GRASS (with metadata support)?
Yes it is. Currently there are no packages for Debian. Pycsw has dependency
on SQLalchemy, shapely and pyproj. I have info that debian package
will probably  be created during a few months.

>  And will it be necessary, that pycsw runs on the same computer as GRASS
> (meaning also one pycsw for each GRASS installation) or could that somehow
> be centralized (in other words that GRASS connects to a central pycsw)?
Yes of course, the pycsw is providing csw catalogue which can run on a
local pc (localhost) or on a server. Our vision is to make an interface
based on OWSLib  and pycsw which produces essential functions like browsing
based on filtering, harvesting and publishing metadata to csw catalogue.
The user will be able to choose csw catalogue target like a
localhost(probably SQLite) or catalogue on internet. This task will part of
GSOC term and after...

Thank you,
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