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On 07/04/2014 10:15 PM, Matej Krejci wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> 2014-07-03 18:22 GMT+02:00 Blumentrath, Stefan <Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no>:
>>   Hei Madi,
>> Thanks for your clarification.
>> Very interesting! I see I have to take a closer look on pycsw and it`s
>> front-ends (as a possible alternative to GeoNetwork).
>> The pycsw documentation [1] says that also pycsw Metadata repositories are
>> set up with a database backend (SQLite, PostgreSQL, and even PostGIS
>> support). However, integration with data portal solutions like e.g. GeoNode
>> or Open Data Catalogue is unfortunately "read-only" meaning that meta-data
>> can be only queried [2].
>> Would be nice if metadata from GRASS could somehow go directly into a
>> geodata portal (and that the other way around e.g. people, keywords ... could
>> be fetched from there)...  (BTW, in the proprietary world such a
>> functionality requires yet another extension:
>> https://www.geocat.net/bridge/)
>> For organization with a geodata portal solution it is maybe possible to
>> just sync pycsw`s DB with a DB from e.g. GeoNode or so, if one wants to
>> have that consistent...
>> If you allow me two more questions in this regard:
>> Will pycsw become a dependency for GRASS (with metadata support)?
> Yes it is. Currently there are no packages for Debian. Pycsw has dependency
> on SQLalchemy, shapely and pyproj. I have info that debian package
> will probably  be created during a few months.
There are pycsw deb packages for UbuntuGIS and OSGeoLive, but those were 
not accepted for Debian and need some more work.

On a side note, there is work in progress for read/write integration of 
pycsw with CKAN.
We are hopping to have a working demo for FOSS4GE in 2 weeks



>>   And will it be necessary, that pycsw runs on the same computer as GRASS
>> (meaning also one pycsw for each GRASS installation) or could that somehow
>> be centralized (in other words that GRASS connects to a central pycsw)?
> Yes of course, the pycsw is providing csw catalogue which can run on a
> local pc (localhost) or on a server. Our vision is to make an interface
> based on OWSLib  and pycsw which produces essential functions like browsing
> based on filtering, harvesting and publishing metadata to csw catalogue.
> The user will be able to choose csw catalogue target like a
> localhost(probably SQLite) or catalogue on internet. This task will part of
> GSOC term and after...
> Thank you,
>   Matej
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