[GRASS-dev] status of grass6.4.4 debian packaging ?

Hamish hamish.webmail at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 03:53:25 PDT 2014

Moritz wrote:
> Hamish and Frankie,
> What is the current status of packaging 6.4.4 for debian ?

Hi, sorry for the delay, I've been largely out of the office for the
last couple of weeks.

Mainly notes to Frankie, but may as well cc everyone to keep y'all in
the loop:

As far as updates needed to the packaging files it's just dch to bump
the version number, and as far as I can tell the barscale_ui and
svn-any-version patches have been incorporated and are no longer needed.

I've been building test packages since before release and AFAICT all
seems well. We might need to keep an eye on the grass64.desktop file to
make sure it gets included, but I think that's perhaps ok since the
debian package does is not using 'make install'.

The unpacked tarball lives in DebianGIS's git repo,

(with the notable addition of a debian/ dir)

generally for this I think it is better for one person to drive the car
at a time, so I let Frankie do the tarball swap-out part and then do
any of my extra edits to the debain/ dir once the foundation is in
solidly place.

Others are threatening to commit over the top of our work on alioth
right now and I'd rather pull in their patches than have to revert
them, so we should perhaps get onto this soon... :-)

@Frankie, a dependency on libgdal-dev (>= 1.10.0-0~) snuck into the
control file recently, can we just remove the versioning? AFAIK it's
not actually needed and it makes backports to wheezy and the ubuntu
LTSs that much more of a pain. Also if there isn't a hard API reason
for needing the new version, explicitly stating it there can be
deceptive since it indicates that there is. (even friendlier for
backports: "libgdal-dev | libgdal1-dev,")

> Anything we can do to help ?

The highly time critical thing right now is to get the new package in
ubuntugis's unstable repo in the next few days so the osgeo live dvd
can ship the right version for the Portland OR FOSS4G conference. We
need to send the final to the printers soon. If it comes down to it, I
can manually override with my self-built packages but I worry that the
qgis 2.4 grass-plugin package would then need to be rebuilt too. So it's
better to do it in the common ubuntugis PPA where those things will
automatically resolve themselves. In general I feel it better to
let the changes flow downstream from debian/unstable instead of letting
things get the order of progression get mixed up downstream and all the
splintering confusion and lost edits that go along with that, but the
timing might necessitate an exception to that..
Seb has a package, to avoid stepping on toes I think that might be the
first upload to ubuntugis's PPA.


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