[GRASS-dev] Weekly report 5: Testing framework for GRASS GIS

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 21:14:29 PDT 2014

1. What did you get done this week?

I worked on the ticket #2326 since I realized that it is hard to test some
things when the underlying functions or modules are not failing properly.
With my mentor I discussed different ways of comparing map outputs. I was
at a conference, so I was not able to actually implement any method.
However, it seems that the already implemented textual comparisons and
statistical values comparison (e.g., r.univar, r.info) might be more useful
then the standard (MD5) check sums and value by value comparisons. I also
started to write a documentation for testing because people started to ask
about how to test.

2. What do you plan on doing next week?

The plan for week six was testing of what was written so far but I'm
testing as I go and it seems that it is actually too soon for evaluation of
the current implementation which was also planed. Instead, I plan to
implement raster and vector comparisons on different basis.

3. Are you blocked on anything?
This is not real blocker, but I would need a large number of different
tests which requires different map comparison methods to see which is the
best one but since I cannot get the test without having the functions
first. So, I need to implement all of the methods, make them customizable
and hope that other developers will decide later what is advantageous for
their case.


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