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#2409: last call for options keys consolidation
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Comment(by wenzeslaus):

 Replying to [comment:18 martinl]:
 > related to attachment:prefix_to_basename.diff
 > I don't fully understand why to define key 'output' for basename
 options. I thought that `G_OPT_BASENAME_OUTPUT` will have default key like
 'basename_output' or 'output_basename' (better for backward
 compatibility). Similarly `G_OPT_BASENAME_INPUT` 'input_basename'.

 Currently, it seems to me that the current option naming policy is to use
 input or output regardless of type. So input can be raster for one module
 but vector or imagery group for another. Basename is just another item in
 the list of possible types/meanings.

 I think that in case that the output is group or spatio temporal dataset,
 the option name `basename` is appropriate if you want to set the basename
 for maps differently from the name of the group.

 When opening #2136 it was not clear to me when `output`,
 `output_basename`/`basename_output` or `basename` are appropriate. The
 motivation for #2136 was unification and creation of standard mechanism in
 the first place.

 But especially after going through Pietro's list in comment:5:ticket:2136,
 it seems to me that basename is nothing special and the default/most used
 name for the option should be the same as if it would be raster or vector,
 so `output` and `input` in these cases.

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