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Probably nothing to be done about this since r.shaded.relief goes back a long time. But a more sensible renaming would have the script now called r.chaded.relief renamed to simply r.relief. Then the modules that drape a colored map onto a relief map could be called x.shaded.relief, x.shadedrelief, or something like that.


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> Then it should be renamed.
> We cannot add continuously new scripts with similar names...


You mean r.shaded.relief versus [dr].shadedmap?

r.shaded.relief should probably stay the same. [dr].shadedmap could be changed. I don't particularly like the name from the beginning but I didn't get any better idea than keeping the name [dr].shadedmap. There are just two ideas worth mentioning and they does not seem different enough. First is [dr].shade.rast(er) as in "put shade on raster" and the second is [dr].rast(er).shade which is inspired by d.vect.thematic or d.rast.arrow).

The possible combinations mentioned above are:




Martin Landa

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