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Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 10:57:02 PDT 2014

On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 1:19 PM, <svn_grass at osgeo.org> wrote:

> Removed horrible html inserted by libreoffice. Html should be clean now.

Hi Isaac,

please note that we are not adding the header (or footer) to our HTML
documents. The module manual should be just the most inner part of HTML
document starting just with a heading.

Note also that we are now trying to avoid the uppercase tags in HTML (this
is the common and stable trend in past years).

Let us now if something is not clear, so we can fix that.

By the way, I personally edit the source directly, so I avoid the problems
with additional tags easily but if you would have some suggestions about
WYSIWYG editor which would produce clean HTML, it wouldn't be out of
interest for some I think.


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