[GRASS-dev] v.in.ogr crashed with SIGSEGV in main() in v.what/test_vwhat_layers

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 07:51:55 PDT 2014


again some test failed because of segmentation fault and I'm wondering how
to collect the information about it for the report.

In this case, it was crash of v.in.ogr called by script db.in.ogr, so I
have absolutely no idea which process to hunt for except that it is a
(grand) child of the test. It is not visible from the report:


I have the Ubuntu crash report dialog(s) but I would like to associate the
information with the tests, so I need something which will recognize that
there was a segmenation fault in one of the children and then it will
collect the information.

I made a little progress on that except that I found that there are files
in /var/crash which are somehow managed by some apport-* commands. Now I
was able to get file


which is attached and contains following useful information:

  v.in.ogr crashed with SIGSEGV in main()

  v.in.ogr --q -o dsn=./data/table1.csv output=t1


  source ... (0x000...00) not located in known VMA region (needed readable

  reading NULL VMA

  __strcmp_ssse3 in .../strcmp.S
  in main()

If somebody has some ideas how to proceed or to which commands to look,
please let me know.

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