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#2409: last call for options keys consolidation
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Comment(by wenzeslaus):

 Replying to [comment:186 neteler]:
 > Replying to [comment:184 cmbarton]:
 > > Replying to [comment:183 neteler]:
 > > >  * r.mapcalculator: outfile -> output? (any implications in the
 > >
 > > Yes. This will break the GUI map calculator.

 Perhaps some !Tcl/Tk one, I don't know. wxGUI raster map calculator is
 using `r.mapcalc`. `r.mapcalculator` is not used anywhere in GRASS GIS
 according to my knowledge and `grep` search.

 > > Why the change? Doesn't the map calculator always create a new file?
 > I propose the change for consistency. Isn't the result a map rather than
 a file (we use that for eg ASCII file output)? So the parameter name
 should be "output" then.

 It should be changed to "output". Any option which is name of some kind of
 output should be named "output" by default. Reason to name it different
 would be for example more than one option which is a name of something on
 output. Also, we are not using "file" to "denote raster map" (for various

 > Replying to [comment:185 annakrat]:
 > > Replying to [comment:183 neteler]:
 > > > The following issues are open (TODO):
 > > >
 > > >  * r.mapcalculator: outfile -> output? (any implications in the
 > >
 > > what is r.mapcalculator?
 > No idea, I found it in the QGIS processing scripts being used.
 > In GRASS, it is here:
 > scripts/r.mapcalculator/r.mapcalculator

 QGIS processing needs to use `r.mapcalculator` instead of `r.mapcalc`
 because it needs to convert input maps and output maps to and from GRASS
 GIS but in case of `r.mapcalc`, map names are hidden in the expression.
 `r.mapcalculator` on the other hand, has several options which are map
 names and output is not part of the expression but also an option as it
 would be for other modules.

 Similar issues applies to more modules as I posted here or to the
 basename/prefix ticket. I recently fixed `r.ros`. I learned about these
 issues and `r.mapcalculator` in [http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/grass-
 dev/2014-August/070342.html GRASS-dev QGIS Processing & GRASS].

 `r.mapcalculator` may create some confusion because is not part of
 standard GRASS GIS distribution (compilation switched off by default). It
 is also not in the documentation. I don't know if the confusion is also on
 the QGIS site. Another issue is that it is in Shell, not Python, so it
 should not work in GRASS 7 on MS Windows as far as I understand. Finally,
 so revision of messages is needed, error message "Calculating
 $GIS_OPT_OUTFILE. Try expert mode." shown after `r.mapcalc` failed just
 caught my eye.

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