[GRASS-dev] Getting version number *before* starting

Rainer M Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Thu Jan 29 06:51:36 PST 2015


I would, for implementation in spgrass7 in R, to be able to get the version
number of GRASS GIS before starting GRASS. I know that in the file


the version number is stored, but I have two questions:

1) is this the same between systems (I saw it in Mac Linux and Windows)?
2) I assume the location of this file is very un-likely to change?
3) can the internal structure of the GDRASS_BASE_DIRECTORY be configured
during the build process (particularly the bin/ and the location of
VERSIONNUMBER), and if yes, how can I obtain the location of these folders?

So: would there be any downside in just reading this file to determine
the version of GRASS GIS, as the grass startup script seems to be
reading from that file as well?



Rainer M. Krug
email: Rainer<at>krugs<dot>de
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