[GRASS-dev] New splash screen for GRASS GIS 7?

Vincent Bain bain at toraval.fr
Fri Jan 30 12:24:29 PST 2015

Le vendredi 30 janvier 2015 à 18:52 +0000, Michael Barton a écrit :
> Since this combination doesn’t exist, I’m not yet sure how best to
> express this on the page.

Yes, I was at that point of reflexion, then I decided to sum up things
in a 3x5 array, it will come soon -- between two power cuts and internet blackouts due to huge snowfall here in the Alps!

In the scope of a vote I found it was interesting to decline each layout
on every bg image I submitted.

> But all that said, and as much as I am in favor of our democratic
> procedures over all, I’m not sure voting will give the best graphic
> design. So maybe voting should be advisory, with Vincent having final
> say so?

It's kind of you Michael, but I am only bringing a modest contribution
to a vaste project that does not belong to me at all...

I send a synthesis in a moment.

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