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#2208: r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr: reprojection at import
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Comment(by mmetz):

 Replying to [comment:16 martinl]:
 > Replying to [comment:7 annakrat]:
 > > Thanks, that's great! Eventually, this should be a core module and
 should be incorporated in the import dialog. Although the gui should be
 simple, we can still force users to actively decide the method and
 > I absolutely agree, are you planning to do that? Thanks, Martin

 There is a GUI-related issue. The two modules currently have each two
 input options, input_file and input_directory. It would be nice if these
 two options could be combined in one, key input, type string, and the GUI
 would provide an interface similar to r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr where you can
 select if you want to import a file or a directory or something from a
 database. The difference to the current r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr interface would
 be that input is only one GDAL/OGR datasource. Each GDAL/OGR datasource
 may contain several band/layers, but that is handled by
 r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr. GDAL supports currently 135 different formats, OGR 80
 different formats. Not all of them are file based, thus the need for
 flexible specification of the input datasource.

 The aim is to provide a simple yet powerful interface for users to import
 data which are (semi-)automatically reprojected if need be.

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