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Yang, Bo (yangb2) yangb2 at mail.uc.edu
Mon Mar 14 19:54:14 PDT 2016

My name is Bo Yang, a Ph. D. student in the Department of Geography, University of Cincinnati.  I have a bachelor degree in Mathematics and MS in Computer Science. I am proficient in Python, C/C++, R and have utilized QGIS and GRASS a lot in my study and research project. I am really interested in OSGeo-SoC2016. It would be a great opportunity if I can make contributions as well as learn to become an open-source developer.
For years I have worked with raster processing algorithms and computation efficiency, for example, coding (python) to process large volume of remote sensing data, therefore I am interested in the existing idea:
GRASS: Additional segmentation algorithms for i.segment.
In addition, I have an idea based on my MA thesis project:
Spatio-temporal fusion of multi-scale data with in a cokriging framework.
This project extends traditional cokriging method for blending spatial data sets with different temporal sampling frequency and spatial resolution (density). It can be used for both raster data and vector data, effectively fill in data gaps due to severe weather condition, instrument malfunction, or other reasons, filtering out data noise, and generate reliable results at both high spatial resolution and high temporal frequency with associated uncertainty estimates.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone interested in my idea and could guide me how to get start and prepare the proposal. Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Bo Yang
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