[GRASS-dev] Interest in GSoC 2016

Ondra.Lobo at seznam.cz Ondra.Lobo at seznam.cz
Thu Mar 17 11:45:55 PDT 2016


My name is Ondřej Pešek and I am student of Czech Technical University in 
Prague.  I am in the last year of bachelor studium (geodesy, cartography and
geoinformatics). My bachelor thesis is development of QGis plugin (for 
aerial data leveling). I’m developing in python and I have some basics in C+
+. Often I work also with other gis programs (ArcGis). I am very interested 
in co-working with Grass for Google Summer of Code 2016. 

My idea was to generalize GUI Code for Qt-based GUI. Nowadays, Qt (PyQt) is 
increasingly used (look at QGis, for example) and I think it would be better
to have minimally the roots of GUI in Qt. It’s also much easier to maintain 
with new features. Work with design is also much more user-friendly. It 
seems that in the future, it can be nice shortcut to change something in the

Thanks and I’m looking forward for your answers, 

Ondřej Pešek
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