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Sun Mar 20 20:52:24 PDT 2016

#2140: m.proj does not handle cs2cs failure
  Reporter:  wenzeslaus          |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
      Type:  defect              |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal              |  Milestone:  7.0.0
 Component:  Projections/Datums  |    Version:  svn-trunk
Resolution:                      |   Keywords:  m.proj, cs2cs
       CPU:  All                 |   Platform:  All

Comment (by jrobparsons):

 Sent patch to Vaclav Petras.

 1. PEP8 compliant except for 2 GUI parser  'description'  lines.

 rp at concepts:~/grass7_trunk/scripts/m.proj$ pep8 m.proj.py
 m.proj.py:28:80: E501 line too long (85 > 79 characters)
 m.proj.py:78:80: E501 line too long (97 > 79 characters)

 2. Replaced tabs with spaces.

 indents are on 4 space boundaries.

 3. Added test for the presence of '+' in proj_in and proj_out strings.

     if proj_in:
         if '+' in proj_in:
             in_proj = proj_in
             grass.fatal(_("Invalid PROJ.4 input specification"))

 4. Removed this comment inserted by previous programmer.

     # FIXME: input_x,y needs to split on multiple whitespace between them

 This appears to not be a problem.

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