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Hi Ondrej,

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 12:48 PM, Ondřej Pešek <pesej.ondrek at gmail.com>
> the period of GSoC starts. I just want to present myself. My name is
> Ondrej Pesek and I'm from Czech Republic. I study geodesy, cartography and
> geomatics at Czech technical university in Prague. My project for GSoC 2016
> is reimplementation of GUI generated from xml, wxpython -> PyQt. You can
> see everything at [1].
> I'm open to all your requests, comments and hates. Don't hesitate to write
> me, I would appreciate it.

Perhaps, it could be useful to have a look at pygrass `Module` class [0],
that already parse the generated xml and instantiate `Parameter` class [1]
that validate the input from the user in the `_check_value` function [2].
So should be possible to dynamically generate a `Qt Widget` from a
`Parameter` instance and then compose everything in complete final
`QtWidget`/`QtDialog`. If you think that  in the `Module` / `Parameter`
class definition something is missing/wrong or bad implemented, after
discussion, we can change it. They were not developed with this use case in
mind and perhaps some changes are needed however I do think they are a
starting point...

You can see a good implementation of this logic in the fromlayout
project[3] that it is well written, support both PyQt and PySide and
Python2 and Python3.

Together with Francesco Geri we started writing a plugin for QGis (a proof
of concept (it works, but a lot of things are missing), just few hours of
work of our spare time..) that generate dynamically the form for the GRASS
modules, the code is not good and it is using qgis API... but I think that
can explain what I have in mind.

I think that we should support both: PyQt and PySide, and I think you
should use as primary choice for development Python3, support for Python2
it is much easier to add later if needed.

I hope these information/ideas can be useful for your GSoC.
Have fun!

all the best


[3] https://github.com/PierreRaybaut/formlayout
[4] https://bitbucket.org/fragit/rgreengui/src
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