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On 7 October 2016 3:14:14 pm "Blumentrath, Stefan" 
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> Hi again,
> Interesting discussion!
> With my user and amateur addon-developer perspective I would conclude that:
> - we all agree that tests/unittests are very useful even if not "the silver 
> bullet"
> - things one does in "unittests" might also partly be done in the code of 
> the module (e.g. check for a specific state of input or environment 
> variables ...), so a requirement for unittest might have to go hand in hand 
> with a requirement for "maturity" of the module?
> - "unittests" can also differ a lot in complexity so it is probably not too 
> easy to say which level of unit tests should be required for a new core 
> module, and the presence of a test alone does not necessarily mean that a 
> module is "well tested"...
> - it might be a good starting point to "require" only "simple" unittests 
> for new core modules in that sense that a unit test makes sure that at 
> least examples from the manual work without throwing an error? That would 
> at the same time test code and manual/documentation... There was the idea 
> to use examples from the manual to auto-generate tests, was`nt it?
> - with more tests on "higher level" modules, also "lower level functions" 
> (e.g. library) might be covered. This could on the one hand help to trace 
> (side) effect of changes on lower level functions, but on the other hand 
> might require to also update all output-tests which were written based on 
> that bogus library function, would not it?
> - like some others here I never wrote a test for my addons, but I would be 
> willing to learn!

Same here

Here the simple examples Vaclav provided were very helpful, as for me as a 
rookie the more involved examples and the full documentation of the 
unittests are hard to understand.

Again, same here

Maybe you can add a very minimalistic example to the test documentation 
that only checks (e.g. based on NC data set) that e.g. "r.example -g 
input=mymap" works without throwing an error?


> And finally, Martins request regarding an RFC for "promoting modules to 
> core" should not drown in the discussion about unittests (even if the 
> latter probably is a precondition to the former)...
> Cheers
> Stefan
> P.S.: For automatized tests of addons there might be a dependency issue, as 
> a test-server would have to be equipped with all possible dependencies in 
> order to be able to run the addons?
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> On 06/10/16 23:34, Vaclav Petras wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 4:55 PM, Anna Petrášová <kratochanna at gmail.com
>> <mailto:kratochanna at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     [...]
>>     c) test correctness of results.
>>     It just depends how you write them, and yes, for some modules c) is
>>     more difficult to implement than for others.
>> On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 5:00 PM, Anna Petrášová <kratochanna at gmail.com
>> <mailto:kratochanna at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     There is correct result in the sense "as author intended". So you can
>>     use pen and paper and solve very small example. That doesn't mean it
>>     will cover all options, but better than nothing. [...]
>> For r.forestfrag, I wrote a test which was based on an example in the
>> original paper which was computing value of one cell in 3x3 window. It
>> is a really trivial example which tests 1 number and two other numbers
>> which are intermediate results. However, by writing it, I actually
>> discovered that although the results for a large area look good, this
>> small example, which I was able compute by hand, is failing. After
>> investigation, it turned out that the error is actually in r.mapcalc.
>> Computing the result outside of GRASS was crucial in this case. It was
>> an index and I was able to compute it by hand (and check it with the
>> example in the paper). For some other modules it could be more
>> difficult and I don't want to compute it without GRASS for more than
>> one cell even in this case, but it was certainly possible to write a
>> test of correctness for this module. Note that the test doesn't show
>> if the (forest fragmentation) index makes sense or if it is useful,
>> but it shows that the module gives the result it promised.
>> This is the original test:
>> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/browser/grass-addons/grass7/raster/r.fore
>> stfrag/testsuite/r_forestfrag_trivial.py
> Nice example, thanks !
>> This is the r.mapcalc bug:
>> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/3067
>> And this is test which specifically shows the bug (would show if it
>> would be reintroduced):
>> https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/browser/grass/trunk/raster/r.mapcalc/test
>> suite/test_row_above_below_bug.py
> Here we have an example of a test with 70 lines of code which was comitted 
> almost at the same time as the issue was fixed (ok 3 days before), with a 
> one-line fix. Now, it's good to safeguard against this bug reappearing, but 
> I would argue that this example shows that we often only think of relevant 
> tests after a bug appears, and I'm not sure that it is very efficient to 
> write a test at that point, given the low probability of that bug 
> reappearing ;-)
> But hey, bear with me, I'm learning...
> Moritz
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