[GRASS-dev] Mixing vector and Raster input maps for a module

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Tue Aug 7 19:23:17 PDT 2018

(Re-structuring this thread as I might need to share the discussion)

Nikos Alexandris wrote:

>> Dear all,
>> I am concerned about mixing Vector and Raster maps as inputs in a
>> module. I think it's less of a complication if a module considers either
>> only Vector or Raster maps as inputs.
>> Should I just not worry and mix these? The question is about
>> user-friendliness.
>> If tha add-on is exposed to QGIS, non-experienced users will be able to
>> use it. Should they be forced to think about doing some rasterisation
>> themselves? Or should the module do this job for them?
>> This is a generic question. I much appreciate your thoughts.
>> Nikos

Huidae Cho:

>I would personally keep modules simpler and make them do one task really
>well (Unix philosophy ;-) unless there are multiple related tasks that
>share a significant portion of the procedure. I would assume that
>rasterization is a pre-processing step that needs to be done before using
>your module, and it may not need to be done every time you run the module.
>If this pre-processing doesn't require any special treatments to the input
>raster, I would leave it out and just add some notes in the manual.

Dear Huidae,
(Dear @grass-dev readers, I would appreciate additional feed-backers)

thank you for your thoughts.

Yes, the case is as you assume.

I work on an algorithm that is all raster based.
The prototype module is "overloaded" with multiple input options,

While it is possible to use a vector map, to serve as a "base" map for
`v.rast.stats`, technically it is not required.

If nothing changes (for example, request for a vector output map from the
module), the outputs are all raster maps and one CSV file.

Is there an "independent" and "convincing" source, for non-programmers,
that not keeping a script simple, will eventually lead to code that is harder
to read, to test, to maintain, to update?

Thank you, Nikos
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