[GRASS-dev] Issue with double conditional in r.mapcalc (WinGRASS) and real life test of the aconda 7.5dev on Mac

Yann Chemin dr.yann.chemin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 11:45:15 PST 2018

I conducted a GRASS GIS course this week and we found some bugs on WinGRASS:

r.mapcalc expression=if(case1,if(case2,Val2True,Val2False),Val1False))

This expression will fail, note that the lack of quote is intentional, as it is a requirement to run simpler r.mapcalc statements in WinGRASS.

Also, we found that the use of || and && within a simple conditional statement also did not process anything and failed.

We had 25% Mac overall (group of 110 students), we installed the new aconda 7.5dev and all the above processing worked perfectly. We also had an Ubuntu machine (not mine) with Artful default grass install (7.4?) which performed as well as the Mac, nothing much to say except from the render.py bug in d.rast inside a d.mon (submit ticket last week https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/3497).

We used the tutorial in grass=promo/tuorials/grassstarter, the script at the end essentially, running on Spearfish dataset.


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