[GRASS-dev] Issue with double conditional in r.mapcalc (WinGRASS) and real life test of the aconda 7.5dev on Mac

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Sun Feb 18 14:10:28 PST 2018

>r.mapcalc expression=if(case1,if(case2,Val2True,Val2False),Val1False))
>This expression will fail, note that the lack of quote is intentional, as
it is a requirement to run simpler >r.mapcalc statements in WinGRASS. 

when, in winGRASS, I copy from r.mapcalc:

r.mapcalc expression="rbstreams500 = if( bstreams500 at yann == 2, 1, 0)"

the term is quoted.

when I do in the wxGUI console

r.mapcalc expression=rbstreams500unquoted = if( bstreams500 at yann == 2, 1, 0)

I get an "unable to parse..." error.

how do you conclude that "it is a requirement to run simpler r.mapcalc
statements in winGRASS"?

best regards
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