[GRASS-dev] Untangling geoPAT installation when updating GRASS version

Pierre Roudier pierre.roudier at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 19:28:25 PST 2018


I've been compiling the geoPAT extensions for GRASS from

At the time I was running GRASS 7.2.2 installed from the Ubuntu GIS
repository, but since this repo updated to GRASS 7.4, I have the following

GRASS 7.4.0 (modis_lst_2015):~ > p.sig.polygons --help
ERROR: Module built against version $Revision: 70617 $ but trying to use
       version $Revision: 70829 $. You need to rebuild GRASS GIS or
       untangle multiple installations.
[Raster MASK present]

Any pointers about how to resolve the version tangling? I've tried
recompiling geoPAT, but that didn't work.


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