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#3474: Change the GRASS GIS start up to more beginner friendly
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Comment (by veroandreo):

 Thanks Helli for opening this ticket and hopefully triggering some
 discussion on this matter. We already discussed about it in the autumn
 2017 community sprint

 Just to illustrate, here are some statistics about the GCI "Install GRASS
 GIS and download NC dataset" beginner task:

 As of today (02/01/18), there are 8 students working on this task and 17
 have completed the task so far.

 However, 24 students have abandoned the task and 15 ran out of time (they
 had 3 days to complete it). From these students, we get comments such as:
 - "once i open the grass gis console...it opens another application called
 layer manager"
 - "why is it so hard to do this?"
 - "I don't know how to add dataset of north carolina ...what to do next?
 how to add map of north carolina"
 - "how do you open it after you extracted it"
 - "I've downloaded the software and also the data base, but the map
 doesn't seem to open in app, I'm kind of stuck here"
 - "However, I can't seem to be able to see anything upon opening it. The
 UI opens fine, but I can't see a map or anything after selecting the North
 Carolina dataset."

 Of course, some might reflect a lack of understanding of a GIS, but they
 are doing pretty well in OSGeo tasks and such comments I have heard not
 only from high school students. IMHO, to make GRASS GIS easier for new-
 comers and first-time users is really beneficial for us, we cannot get
 more users and future developers if they feel it is that hard to display a

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