[GRASS-dev] Strange behavour of t.register command

Roberto Marzocchi roberto.marzocchi at gmail.com
Thu May 10 02:05:48 PDT 2018

Dear lists,

we are testing the command t.register

t.register --o --q -i maps=(name of maps separated by comma)
input=time_dataset start='2011-11-03 02:00:00' increment='120'

it run without error but when running g.gui.animation or g.gui.tplot using
the time series dataset I have the following error: *Topology of Space time
dataset time_dataset a mapset is invalid*.

I tried the following command (reading the manual of t.register)

 t.register --o --q -i maps=(name of maps separated by comma) input=
time_dataset start='2011-11-03 02:00:00' increment='120 minutes'


- one PC I read the following error *ERRORE: invalid literal for int() with
base 10: '00+00'*
- on PC run correctly and I can run the gui commands witout any error

I have the same GRASS package installed on both the PC (7.4.0-1~xenial1)

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