[GRASS-dev] Avoid the addition of @mymapset in output map name

Roberta Fagandini robifagandini at gmail.com
Tue May 29 04:16:48 PDT 2018

Hi all!
I'm working on the GUI of my module for clouds and shadows detection in
Sentinel 2 images  (GSoC 2018 project) and I have some trouble with the
automatic addition of the mapset name in the output maps.
I have several input bands imported in GRASS that I convert into float
value and rescale using r.mapcalc, each output map should be automatically
named with the inputs band name and a suffix (e.g. input: nir - output:
When I run the script using the GUI I have an error due to the @mapset
automatically added to the output map name (e.g. nir at mymapset_float).

At the moment, I solved the problem with a replace() function but I'm not
sure this can be the best solution, do you have any hint?

Following you can find the code:

mapset = gscript.gisenv()['MAPSET']
mapset2 = '@%s' % mapset
b1 = options['blu']
b1 = b1.replace(mapset2, "")
b2 = options['green']
b2 = b2.replace(mapset2, "")
b3 = options['red']
b3 = b3.replace(mapset2, "")
b4 = options['nir']
b4 = b4.replace(mapset2, "")
b5 = options['nir8a']
b5 = b5.replace(mapset2, "")
b7 = options['swir11']
b7 = b7.replace(mapset2, "")
b8 = options['swir12']
b8 = b8.replace(mapset2, "")
f = 'float'
bands = [b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b7, b8]

for b in bands:
gscript.mapcalc('{r} = 1.0 * ({a})/{c}'.format(r="%s_%s" % (b, f), a=b,
c=scale_fac), overwrite=True)
f_bands.append ("%s_%s" % (b, f))

Thanks in advance,
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