[GRASS-dev] v.in.ogr and v.import do not import all features in gpkg file

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 12:24:48 PDT 2018

Hello devs

I found a quite striking issue when importing a simple vector file.  It is
a gpkg file with 30 points and only one field as attribute. When I import
it into GRASS, either with v.in.ogr or v.import, I only get 28 points
imported. No idea why. Meanwhile, ogrinfo -al reports 30 points, same as

v.in.ogr input=central.gpkg layer=central output=central
Check if OGR layer <central> contains polygons...
WARNING: Vector map <central> already exists and will be overwritten
Creating attribute table for layer <central>...
Importing 28 features (OGR layer <central>)...
Building topology for vector map <central at testing>...
Registering primitives...

v.db.select -c central | wc -l

I attach the file.

Thanks much in advance

ps: I use trunk r73492
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