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Wed Oct 31 15:05:06 PDT 2018

#3690: r.stats.quantile crashing with data linked through r.external
  Reporter:  neteler      |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
      Type:  defect       |     Status:  new
  Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  7.4.3
 Component:  Raster       |    Version:  svn-releasebranch74
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  r.external, r.stats.quantile
       CPU:  Unspecified  |   Platform:  Unspecified

Comment (by neteler):

 Replying to [comment:1 mmetz]:
 > The above commands do not work for me because basemap and covermap are

 ops, maybe I flipped that while anonymising the data using the output from
 the QGIS Processing log file.

 > and the base map must be CELL type.

 Would it be possible to add a test for that?

 > These commands
 > {{{
 > r.external input=covermap.tif band=1 output=covermap_ext
 > r.external input=basemap.tif band=1 output=basemap_ext
 > r.stats.quantile -p base=basemap_ext cover=covermap_ext bins=2000
 > }}}
 > work for me without segfault and valgrind does not find any memory
 > I am using GDAL 2.3.2.

 The machine causing problems is Linux Mint (Ubuntu). The versions I don't
 have right now.

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